Regular   1hr. $70.00, Specialized  $75 & up
Effective cleansing to thoroughly remove impurities and blocked pores by sloughing off dead skin cells, treatment by deep penetration masks to remove impurities or replace lost nutrients & moistures; massage to relax stress lines & restore fresh vitality to skin...
Non-surgical Facelift        1 hr.           75.00  
Diminishes fine lines & removes toxins from skin -- very refreshed, upbeat look...
Pure Collagen-mask Sheet Facial
1 hr.   80.00
Akin to connective skin tissue, they provide visable results with fresher, moister skin, & better elasticity -- destroys free radicals...
Facial Peels                         1 hr.        75.00
A penetrating pharmaceutical grade of alpha hydroxy fruit acid that exfoliate layers of skin to reveal new fresh skin.  When done in a series & with home care, it will definately reduce fine lines, smooth your skin, & clean up blemishes...
Back Facials                     1 hr.           75.00
Lunchtime Derma Peel       45min.    75.00
You can create a new soft skin and it's the start of a series to reduce fine lines, blackheads, enlarged pores, & speed up cell renewal.
Light Therapy Treatment    30 Min.    70.00  
Beginning series of 6 with 7th free
A scientifically proven concept that cells are photo-receptive - uses diode lights with specific designed wavelengths to promote collagen production and increase inner skin firmness - it repairs and lessens wrinkle lines - no recovery time!
Individual areas can be contracted - lips, hands, eyes, etc.
Ultrasonic Facial      30-40 Min          75.00  

Uses a unique combination of electrical energies to stimulate production of new collagen - resulting in a reduction of fine lines and wrinkles
Beginning series of 6 with 7th free
series of 4 to 6 best