Come for a gentle but firm full body massage.  Give your muscles permission to let go & really return to normal, rather than that "fight or flight" stance you have kept them in during the day.  Let all your cells experience the full flush of circulation & drainage of built-up toxins.  Let the music & aromatherapy set your soul & mind at ease, blending in as one again with your body.  Aromatherapy included (plain also available)           30 min   $45.00,    1 hr.      75.00
Swedish Massage
For loosening muscles, increasing circulation, & relaxing mind & body...
Swedish-Shiatsu Combination
Long-standing Oriental accu-points to balance the body's energy & strokes for tension relief & circulation...
Prenatal Massage
For comfort of both mother & unborn child -- helps in relaxation, lower back pain... Body cushion for stomach relief provided.
Lymphatic Massage
Designed to work with drainage of the lymphatic system & help improve your immune system...
Headache & Neck Massage
Especially designed to work with craniosacral fluids which feed brain & spinal cord -- helps internal fluid balance, & aids in pain relief...
Neuromuscular Massage
Deep tissue work to improve layers of muscles which support your structure & help with chronic pain...
Myofascial Touch
Very slow, long strokes & stretches that work well for deep relaxation, good for very fragile or ill people...
Hot Stone Massage         1hr.     80.00
This combines Native-American therapy with the Eastern culture of balancing energy meridians for a restorative, deep peaceful hour.